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  • Full Service Aquarium Professional
  • Adding Color, Life and Movement to otherwise ordinary rooms
  • Our Aquariums are Custom Designed for you
  • Keep them Looking and Feeling, Beautiful and Healthy
  • Serving Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area and Western Wisconsin
  • Choosing us, ensures peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable, safe, and insured team looking out for you and your fish!


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If you want an aquarium in your home or office, and want:

  • Someone else to mess with all the hassles
  • Healthy fish and other aquatic life
  • A custom system designed for you

Choosing us, ensures peace of mind knowing that you will have a reliable, safe, and insured service team looking out for you, and your fish.




Would you love to have an aquarium in your home or business, but the required aquarium care and aquarium maintenance seems overwhelming and discouraging? Here at Bry the Fish Guy we take all the hassle out of owning an aquarium and handle everything from aquarium setup to routine aquarium care and give you the joy of having your own beautiful underwater utopia. We provide the finest aquarium cleaning services in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. We will stop at nothing to share our passion with our clients and will maintain the aquarium of their dreams.


Having an aquarium not only adds to the décor of any home or business, it will also be a source of entertainment and very therapeutic. With aquarium cleaning services from Bry the Fish Guy we ensure that everything in your tank can be seen clearly. Our aquarium services will allow you to keep and care for your fish and their relative habitat surroundings. We understand that the hassle of keeping a fish tank clean can be one of the biggest deterrents when it comes to owning fish. Bry the Fish Guy takes the hassle out of fish tank maintenance. Don’t sacrifice the luxury of a fish tank because you’re turned away by the cleaning and maintenance. We service St. Paul, Minneapolis and the Twin Cities with all aquarium services and aquarium care.


Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a few moments and see all the great extensive aquarium services such as aquarium design and setup, routine aquarium maintenance and even moving and relocating aquariums. If you are looking to enjoy all that an aquarium has to offer without the burden of upkeep and maintenance, call Bry the Fish Guy today and we will handle everything for you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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  • Saltwater or Freshwater
  • Glass or Acrylic
  • Delivered to your door
  • Setup Properly
  • With the right equipment


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